A broken link on sentidosocultos.blogspot.com

Hello there ,

I’m sorry I don’t speak Portuguese (thanks Google Translate), but I thought you should know about the broken link.

I saw that you mentioned Topsy on your page here sentidosocultos.blogspot.com/2011/03/daumload-proximas-propagandas-da.html, but it appears that this tool is not working anymore.

I went to do some research online and found out that the service was no longer available.
I was using their service for a while to help me monitor and manage my social media, but then I changed for another one a while ago.

I found my new social media tool thanks to these people :

I liked the fact that they have users review so it helped me pick the right tool for me.

I'm sure your users will appreciate it if you share it with them :)

Have a great day,



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